Same life but yet so different…

Some thoughts from a girl who just spent the last 7 months cycling across 9 countries where 10 000km has been cycled. 7 months ago I packed everything I owned into boxes to pack it up again later. I decided that some things was necessary enough to be packed in to four panniers that was clicked to my bike and off we went. Off I went on a big adventure that I thought could be planned in advance in terms of what to bring and what to explore, off I went on an adventure that I now realize is far different from the life I lived back ”home” in Gothenburg.


Five days ago I finished this chapter of my life for this time, when me and Bike arrived home to our house in Gothenburg. To put my bike under the sign of Gothenburg was definitely special and surreal.

I had a lovely welcoming home dinner and wine with my roomies and of course lots of questions to answer. Answers that is hard to answer and answers that I think will change more and more for every day I process what I just experienced. In one way life feels as normal as before I left, but on the other hand the way I see things from now is way different.

The door to the walk-in-closet where I’ve had my things for the last 7 months has been opened 3 times in the last five days, but the door has been closed again. I just finished to empty my panniers, and what’s now standing on my shelves is about all I need for now. Life comes with things, and I don’t like it. Sooner or later I guess the shelves will be filled up with other things, or not. The future will tell, but what I feel now is that this journey might have had a bigger life-changing impact on my life that I thought, in a good way.


I know how it is to live in grey, wet and dark weather where the sun refuse to show up in 6 months, cause that’s what weather looks like at this time of year, in this south part of this northern country. And I tell you, the faces I meet here are different from the ones I met the last 2 months. But as I’m back with new energy and with my skin and soul still kissed by the sun, I already manage to change some tired-of-the-weather-cyclist-faces to a smiling face just by giving one. And I hope that the energy and happiness that lives in me right now will stay with me. Right now I feel that this part of the planet is moving faster than me, and I have to stop from time to time to take a deep breath, just to bring my soul back to the peace within me.


I will probably not see the bright stars, the way I saw them a week ago, in a while, neither the moon that rising over the horizon. But I can see glimpses of lighter spots in the sky, witch reminds me that the sun is always shining.

From here I will try to take one step at the time to adjust to this life, even if ”life” already knocks on the door with gifts called stress and responsibilities. When ever I need to go back to my favorite place in the desert or the mountains I can just close my eyes and bring the memories up, cause they are so close, they are just a pedal stroke away.


jag campsite.jpg


Jag bike ögen.jpg

Also a massive job with organizing all the videos and pictures from this journey will take place, and it’s going to take a while. My instagram, julia.onbike.olah, will still be alive to inspire both you and me all the way to the next adventure.


At the last I would like to tell you all that it is a pleasure to keep you updated with my pictures, and I’m truly happy that you are following. All of you out there have been a friend by my side in tough times, especially when loneliness and bad weather has been a struggle. Also I want to give a BIG hug and plenty of thanks to all of you who decided to sponsor me when the economy was low, without you I wouldn’t made it to the end. Thank you!


Hope you wish to follow me along for all future updates and for the next adventure!

sista solnedgången.jpg









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