Can’t help my self…

…but I just have to be up there. -But you know it’s going to get colder in the night right? And you hate cold.

I know, but I will forget about it in a second…

That’s the conversation me and my brain has, it happened not only ones. There has been one or two nights of suffering and shivering the last two weeks, no, maybe four or five if I think harder. As you see, they are already forgotten. Cause what you get for the pain and suffer is so much greater.

Ok, to be honest. I left for this trip about 5 months ago, not to chase the winter rather the summer. And I kind of still do. But again, I can’t help I’m falling for them, the mountains. The quiet, the wild life, the stunning views, the small villages with kind and curious people, and maybe the most fascinating thing of all things, mountains take you down to earth, weirdly speaking, they make you feel so tiny. Mother Earth is welcoming, but you better respect her!

Mornings are not my strongest ones, especially when you open your eyes, your body is freezing cold and your tent is frozen. But this morning was special, in addition to all I mentioned above, I saw that the sun was changing the colour of my tent, I peeked out and suddenly I was awake. Grabbing my camera, shaking the shivering of my shoulders and jumping out from my tent.

I will not even try to explain that morning with words, but all my senses became one with the moment, one with earth.

The last week I’ve been cycling four mountain passes over an altitude of 1000m, last one this morning, took me from 1300masl down to sea level in no time.

In not shivering, the sunset was beautiful, but my thoughts is still up there. I’m about to bring them down.

Thanks to you people who contact me and ask for more blog posts and pictures. Warming my heart and makes it worth the time!

Sleep well out there!


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