When a country surprises…

Some of you might know about how I fell in love with the desert some years ago. During this trip I’m definitely falling for the mountains.

Spain never told me that it has a lot of them, before I entered I wasn’t even sure that I would like Spain. I was expecting palm trees, white beaches and kilometres of flat roads, day after day, nothing bad with that of course, but you get my point.

I was gonna tell you all about it. All about how the desert meets the mountains, details about how i feel when I wake up in the middle of the night to click my socks of cause it’s to warm, and how the warm breeze from the mountains enters my tent during the night cause I can finally sleep with my door open.

I wanted to tell you about the lovely German couple that I spent three days of cycling together with, camping under the olive trees, struggling the gravel roads, all surrounded by mountains.

Or maybe you would like to hear about the mandarins, oranges, almonds and the pomegranate that I can pick strait from the trees and just eat. Or the mind blowing sunrises and sunsets… …But life happens, and everyday is different from the other. Sometimes lots of things happen in a short time, and my fingers and my phone is just to slow to keep up with the pace.

I will just keep smiling and leave you with some pictures, cause that’s all I can do for now. 💙

y the way, for all of you who warned me for the Spanish drivers, don't worry, they are more scared of me than I I'm of them 😅


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