Flip the coin…

I don’t know where to start, and I don’t really know there it will end either, but I will try to give clear picture with words. Even if the story might be more emotional rooted.

Two nights ago I fell  asleep with a feeling of a anxiety but also with expectation of that something fun was waiting. I was cycling towards the Pyrenees and throwing my thoughts back and forth of which way to take next. I basically had two options, and both of them was going to lead me to the snow covered mountains, headwind and freezing cold nights. Winter is catching up with me. Gosh, what I miss having the sun burning my skin! But the route was so set in my mind that I couldn’t see anything else than just cycle towards winter and hope for summer in the end.

That afternoon I met up with Fredrika (the bike ramble), a Swedish women who just spent 2,5 years on her bicycle touring the whole world around. I have been following her adventure for some time now. As she is on her way back north and my path is going south we we decided to meet up.


I’m truly happy that was able to camp with this amazing person for a night. We had a lovely evening with lots of sharing adventure and life stories, laughs, tube repairing and food cooking. I asked her to help me with my decision of that route to take, over the Pyrenees, north of them or south of them. I also told her about my love for Africa, mountains and how I wish to have some time to cycle in the sun. 

-Let’s flip a coin! It’s easy and fun! she said.

(Two days before I cycled over a coin on the road, that I couldn’t stop thinking about, so I went back to get it, destiny?)

She told me that I was literally three days from the summer if I changed my route, and that there is other mountains that can be explored!

One side of the coin became Spain-Morocco and the other side was as planned Pyrenees-Portugal-Gibraltar.

Today I took the easy way over the Pyrenees and I’m in Spain. 

Spain-Morocco, here I come!

Thank you Fredrika for being just amazing and have fun in the snow! 😍

2 tankar om “Flip the coin…

  1. Hej Julia!
    Kämpa på! Tänker på dina äventyr nån gång ibland här på cykelverkstan i höstmörkret!

    Stor Kram
    /Robert B


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