Until we meet again, Parc Naturel Regional des Baronnies Provençales

When I told people I’m heading towards Baronnies and asked for recommendations of which roads to take for most senic views, everyone scratched their scalp, looked at the map and said, ”-But everything is beautiful here”.

After no luck of getting specific roads from people, google map  street view helped me out, or not even google maps, I guess Baronnies it self is the one to thank for just being amazing. And if I was able to just pick some random roads, jump on my bike and take off, I can now understand why people couldn’t help me out. Cause every bit of that region was a paradise!

At the very first moment I saw the pointy mountains in the distance, my shoulders sank down and I promised my self to not rush to anything, anyone and not even have a goal for the day. I manage to keep that promise and I don’t regret it. I had 3 days of just cursing in the sun!During these 3 days I also manage to have 2 nights with a splendid view outside my tent and 2 mornings where I had to wrap my frozen tent up to later on pinch it to dry in the sun.I also climbed 2 x 1000masl mountain passes, with Bike in 3 days, which was all worth it of course! View made with love and gorgeous little villages with tiny churches on every hill 🙏🏽And finally, do you remember I promised the farmers to send them rain as soon as I was done with that place? From tonight until tomorrow night it’s going to be heavy rain in the whole region, according to the weather forecast, and people is talking about it. So, dear farmers, have fun and enjoy 😀

I’m going to sit under roof, under a blanket with a warm cup of garlic tea!

See you!


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