First day of winter time deserves it all…

I had the coolest day ever today. I don’t know if it’s because I had an extra hour and therefore one extra hour to enjoy, or if the weather God just decided to give me a taste of all kinds.

I woke up on an elevation of 900m, it was cool but sunny. After just 200m I got my first stunning view.

I still had about 600m left to climb until I was on the top. As I got higher the mist got thicker, and my fingers got colder. Even though, I took the little extra turn to reach the top and see this amazing place that one of my hosts told me about. As it got colder and the mist grew thicker, I realised that I wouldn’t be able to see anything but 5 meter infront of me. 

I just got to think about Christmas carols, and how I use to be pretty early to start to listen to them, when a snowflake landed on my nose. And one more. I better get going… I thought.

With freezing fingertips and the ice cold wind on my cheek I quickly dropped 200m in hight. That was enough to reach the sunset but also the wild winds over the cute little town Vassieux-en-Vercors.  The landscape changed from winter to fall in about 15 minutes. The colours over the landscape was so sharp but yet so dull, the horses was running wild in the wind and my bicycle couldn’t stand for any longer.

I knew I wasn’t far away from the 20km long downhill at this point, I just had to reach that point. And I came to a tunnel. It’s always interesting to see what’s coming after a tunnel, especially when you are on a mountain. And just as I had that thought I reached the other side. And it was time for a downhill well deserved!

That was the funniest but also the hardest downhill I’ve ever done, the wind made me sometimes go for 7km/h, sometimes 40km/h and sometimes I was pretty scarred it would throw me over the edge. 

This amongs all the other things I saw today, made my day.

Today I felt sun, snow and heavy wind, saw mind blowing views and the colours were so special. Before I try to get poetic and bore you with my detailed pictures of my day, I just want you to know. This day was awesome from the moment I woke up till now. Sweet dreams


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